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Pre-Sales Process Related Questions

What do you mean by centrally (permanent) installed pressure washer?

Think of a central vacuum system. The vacuum is mounted somewhere out of the way and has tubing all throughout your house so you can conveniently plug in and start vacuuming from several different “remote” options depending on the area you want to vacuum. We do that exact same thing, but we install a pressure washer and run high pressure lines to “remotes” so you can pressure wash in different areas (inside or outside) of your home or facility.

Can I design this into my brand-new construction plans?

Absolutely! We can help consult with your project manager or GC about how to pre-plumb through your ceilings, walls, floors, or even outside underground runs.

Can you help design a system into an already existing building?

OF COURSE! Roughly half of our new installs are in existing buildings. We may have to plumb lines on the exposed interior walls, but you will hardly notice it is there.

What about the exhaust fumes inside while the unit is running?

Great Question; there are no fumes whatsoever! We designed Easiwash systems with a powerful industrial electric motor that runs off 220V or 120V power!

How loud is an Easiwash unit while it is running?

Approximately 85 decibels, about the noise level of city traffic or a vacuum cleaner running.

How many remote locations do I need?

Depends on your needs and layout. We will put in however many you want. Keep in mind, your hose cart can hold 150′-200′ of hose.

How long would it take your professional technician do install a unit?

Our average install takes about 1 full day.

How reliable is this unit?

We do not skimp on any componentry to save a few bucks. It starts with the touch of a button. We still have some of the original units running that were installed nearly 20 years ago!

Is the unit simple to run?

EXTREMELY! There is one master On/Off switch and three labeled switches on the remote station. It does not get any simpler. We professionally train you on how to run this unit after we finish the installation.