What We Do

Easiwash Cleaning Systems designs, manufactures, and installs premier pressure washing systems that fit your application.



  • Cleaning Needs (Area & Type of Cleaning Recommendations)
  • Power Supply & Water Supply Needs
  • Design Ideas (Location of Power Unit & Location of Remote Stations)
  • New Construction (How to Pre-Plumb through Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Outdoor Undergrounds)
  • Existing Building (How to locate so you will hardly notice the remote runs)

Professional Installation

  • Install Readiness Verification
  • Installation by an Easiwash Technician
  • Operator Training
  • Care & Maintenance Training

Service & Support

Easiwash provides free online resources and technical phone support to give our customers the assistance they need when they need it. Contact us today to get the support and troubleshooting resources you deserve!

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