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The Centrally Installed Pressure Washing System That Makes Hard-to-Reach Now

Everybody wants the area surrounding their home or business to look good, but who wants to do all that cleaning? Dragging hoses, mixing soaps, scrubbing
—it’s a lot of work. But not anymore!

Now you have the easiwash system—an amazingly fast and simple centrally installed pressure washing system that allows you to conveniently power wash whatever
and wherever you want to clean.

Consider the advantages:

  • Multiple remote work stations let you plug in
    and spray where its most convenient
  • Custom-designed and installed to fit your
    needs and budget
  • Direct high-power hot/cold/soapy spray right where you need to clean
  • Quiet operation for indoor/outdoor use
  • ETL-listed for employee safety, without
    employer liability




























"National ETL Listing"
insures a quality built product with employee safety in mind.

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